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BirdLife International.

By Marek van der Hoeven on march 3, 2021

I've done multiple projects for the national bird protection organization of the Netherlands (Vogelbescherming Nederland). The design-tokens (colors, typography, etc.) always had to match their brand when starting a new project.

On the next images, you can find some projects I designed and prototyped for them, together with a short explanation of the project.

Porject 1 — Selling Courses Online

One of the wishes of the Vogelbescherming was to create a platform to sell their courses online via a PWA. This application needed to be a low-level entry of buying simple online courses about bird-spotting.

The brainstormed sitemap (it's in Dutch)

Screens of the Application

Bird Week — User Application

Another project was called ‘Vogelweek’ (which is one week in May, where people can walk different routes made by excursion guides). These routes are shown in an app, together with highlights made by the guide (together with marked points explanations).

The brainstormed sitemap (it's in Dutch)

The hiker's application

Bird Week — Excursion guide application

The screenshots show the app that guides had to download to create new routes for the ‘Vogelweek’. It had to be a simple application that quickly helped them set up new routes.

The brainstormed sitemap (it's in Dutch)

The tour-guide's interfaces

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